Research p-r papers

Laureano, R. D.; Mendes, D. A. and Ferreira, M. A. M.; (2013). Dislocated Negative Feedback Control with Partial Replacement between Chaotic Lorenz Systems, Mathematica Aeterna – International Journal for Pure and Applied Mathematics (ISSN: 1314-3344), ZentralBlatt MATH – Springer Verlag, 3 (5), 337-348

Laureano, R. D.; (2013). A Note on the Anosov Closing Lemma, International Journal of Academic Research, 5 (4), 189-193 (DOI:10.7813/2075-4124.2013/5-4/A.26)

Laureano, R. D.; (2013). Cohomology of Discrete Dynamical Systems, Journal of Mathematics and Technology (ISSN: 2078-0257), ZentralBlatt MATH – Springer Verlag, 4 (2), 44-48


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